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AS 9100

AS 9001

AS 9001 is referred for the International Quality Management System particularly designed for the AS&D – Aviation, Space and Defense Industry. It was created by IAQG, and the most recent version is AS9100 Rev D implemented in the year 2016.

WHAT IS AS 9001?

AS 9001 Standard describes the international “Aerospace Industry Quality Management System Standard.”

ISO 9001 is specially written for the Aerospace Industry regarding their requirements and other necessities. It helps in supplementing the specialized requirements considered to address the civil and military aviation and space needs.

This standard enables the major ISO 9001 Standard’s “Quality Management System” and helps in progressing to AS 9001 without any major significant modifications.


Here is the list of major aerospace regulators endorsed and benefited as per the market requirements:

  • U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)


AS 9001 Standard is applicable to the organizations that design and manufacture various aerospace products like spare parts, components, assemblies and other parts in the aerospace industry.

  • AS 9001 Certification gains the global reputation
  • AS 9001 Certification helps in obtaining opportunities globally by accepting it through the aerospace supply chain and act as a benchmark
  • Consistent improvement of customer satisfaction can be observed
  • It helps in gaining trust and improves customer relationships with product deliveries in time
  • This standard reduces the operation cost with continuous improvements of process and the results of the products
  • Efficiency in resulting product delivery can be observed
  • It improves the relationship between industries and their respective stakeholders and builds long-term relationships
  • It looks after legal compliances by understanding the statutory and regulatory requirements of the aerospace products
  • It enhances the risk management techniques with greater traceability and consistency among products and services
  • It safeguards the business credentials by independent verification against the international standard
  • It builds a brand in the market and adds reputation to the business or organization

AS 9001 is represented by the Aerospace industry significantly to produce a single standard usage cross the globe. Its efforts for a specialized and hazard-less Aerospace supply chain system to meet the industry requirements.

Here is the list of Contribution sources included in AS 9001 Standard:

  • The preceding standards of AS 9000 and TS 157
  • Regulatory requirements of the aerospace industry
  • Government procurement standards
  • Contributions from multiple national and international stakeholders representing the aerospace industry

AS 1900 Standard specifies QMS requirements to document as per the organization needs in aspects like designing, developing, and manufacturing of various aerospace products. An organization gains the “AS 1900 Certification” by creating and meeting the requirements and standards of the Quality Management System (QMS).