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ISO 50001

WHAT IS ISO 50001?

ISO 50001 is the international standard for “Energy Management System (EnMS).” This standard provides the best robust framework to optimize energy efficiency in both the private and public sectors.

The main objective of the ISO 50001 Standard is to improve the energy efficiency and energy-related performances. This standard also helps in identifying various methods in energy deduction opportunities.


The certification to ISO 50001 standards is defined as an organization for commitment to continuous improvements in energy management and implementation of these will enable an organization to be a leading example in their respective industries. The ISO 50001 certification ensures all the regulatory requirements and related legislative as met by the industry standards.


  • This certification achieves significant financial savings through increased energy efficiency. As per the reports, Ofgem forecast energy price may rise by 20% at least by the year 2020.
  • It enhances the marketing capabilities within the organization or business.
  • It improves energy efficiency with continuous improvements according to the market standards.
  • It ensures legal and regulatory requirements depending on the business needs.
  • It enables best energy management system practices within the industry
  • BS EN 16001 frameworks help in enabling the facility management system of energy bills and expenditure.
  • An organization registered with ISO 14001 Standards will also be part of “Basic Framework” to complete the necessary needs.
  • It predicts the affordable cost between demand and supply of energy.


  • It helps in developing a policy for the efficient use of energy management services
  • This helps in fixing objectives and targets to meet the policy requirements
  • It uses data for better use of energy management with efficiency across the industry
  • ISO 50001 Framework measures the results
  • It reviews the policy and work procedure of it
  • There is a continuous improvement in the policy and ISO 50001 framework as per the organization rules


ISO 50001 Certification Audit is conducted by the professional and lead auditors with hands-on experience. ISO 50001 Standard Certification contains majorly two stages for a complete Audit Process:

Stage1: It is a preliminary and informal review of EnMS for the audit. It’s like checking the completeness and existence of documentation likely EnMS manual, organization’s documents which contains energy management uses and other necessary key points.

Stage 2: It is the most detailed and compliance format of an audit. It helps in testing the EnMS against the requirements of ISO 50001. Auditors will seek the evidence for a confirmation process about the energy management system. They look for the evidence among properly designed and implemented energy management system. Also, it checks for the proper management body to meet the EnMS standards.


Any organization or business with small, medium or large scale sectors are eligible for the ISO 50001 benefits within the energy and cost efficiency details as per the implementation of the standards according to the market needs.