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ISO 9001:2015 QMS

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ISO 9001:2015 QMS


QMS is a management certification is obtained by organizations or businesses as per their business requirement. QMS usually helps an organization to improve its quality of products or services constantly. QMS helps business to learn regarding new market standards. It also helps in managing and planning effectively and efficiently to meet future challenges.

WHAT IS ISO 9001:2015?

ISO 9001:2015 is a standard to set certain criteria for a quality management system. This standard can be used by any organization irrespective of the size of the organization. ISO 9001:2015 is applicable for small, medium or large scale industries regardless of field activities.

This standard based on various quality management principles like strong customer focus, motivation, implementation, process approach, risk management, exploring opportunities to achieve continuous improvements in the business.

The ISO 9001:2015 standards are implemented in a form to demonstrate the ability of the organization to consistently provide quality products or services reliable to the customers and build strong and lasting customer relationships.


An ISP 9001:2015 Standard certification adds value to any organization and increases its potential in the market along with gaining customer trust. Its principles are underpinned with the famous eight management principles.

  1. A business with customer focus
  2. Leadership Qualities
  3. Involving people of company and client
  4. Ensuring the process approach format
  5. A systematic approach to the management by employees or clients
  6. Decision making factual approach
  7. Mutual-Beneficiary supplier relationships
  8. Continuity in organization improvements


  • It acts as per the availability of the resources
  • It adds high moral values among the employees
  • It helps in building the high brand value in the market
  • It guides a deeper focus on demonstration of leadership
  • It enhances high efficiency and assures better performance
  • It promotes risk-based thinking techniques within the business
  • It adopts the “Process Approach” format among the employees and clients
  • It considers statutory and regulatory requirements as per the market standards
  • It enhances the performance and productivity of every department among the organization
  • It integrates QMS with accountability, business processes and lies with top-management in the sector.
  • It works towards motivating the employees in achieving the higher vision, mission and common goals of the company.
  • It focuses on the intended outcome or desired output of process associated with risk in developing the new opportunities reliable for products or services according to the current market standards.


  • Apply for the certification process for the desired client.
  • Submitting the offers by IRQS.
  • Accepting from client to offer the application and confirmation of the agreement by both client organization and IRQS.
  • Initial certification audit will be conducted with stage 1 + stage 2 or re-certification audit process with conducted.
  • “Certificate of Approval” issuance process or completion of re-certification or initial certification process is held.
  • The validity of the “Certificate of Approval” is mostly for the respective three years. It is stated from the date of the decision, and as per the agreement of the annual surveillance of audit details.
  • Recertification of the audit is completed before the expiration of the annual “Certificate of Approval.”