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Magnetic Particle Testing Services

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Magnetic Particle Testing Services


Magnetic Particle Testing (MT/MPT) or Magnetic Particle Inspection is also conventionally called Crack Detection Testing or Magnetic flux testing, MPT, or MPI testing. It is known as one of the most widely used Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods.

It is used to find the flaws among surface and sub-surface (beneath the surface) of the areas. The flaws are detected by using Magnetic Flux Leakage principals to Castings, inspect Ingots, forgings, sheets, rolled plates, rods, bars, shafts, weld joints, gears, and other multiple engineering components in forged, cast, machined condition, during manufacturing and in-service inspections.

MPI testing is used among multiple industries across the globe in any ferrous, steel manufacturers, and processing industries as per the market standards. It is also used in testing utilization to evaluate area, shape, size, and degrees of the flaws.


  • Component pre-cleaning
  • Magnetic field Introduction
  • Magnetic media Application
  • Exposition of magnetic particle indications


TuuvGlobe NDT services in Hyderabad, India, contain magnetic particle testing labs covered with the latest equipment and technologies with updated techniques used by professional MPT trainers and engineers.

The labs are equipped with advanced MPI Equipment’s for the lab and onsite NDT Inspections performed by our certified NDT MT Level II professionals. Our services are also examined by In-house ASNT NDT Level III experts who will closely monitor every Magnetic particle testing MPT inspection activity to meet the customer specifications and compliance according to the international codes, standards and other client MPI procedures.


TuuvGlobe NDT Labs are filled with components like Coil shot, Bench type Wet Stationary Headshot, Central conductor MPI Equipment’s are used for testing Aerospace and Automotive components. Also, Prod Type, magnetic particle inspection AC/DC Yoke type and Permanent magnet type techniques are suitable for onsite MPT testing among structures, Boiler components, pressure vessels, weld joints and large castings which practically cannot be moved inside the labs.

TuuvGlobe NDT MPI testing equipment’s are mostly PLC controlled and designed to meet Aerospace NDT requirements as per ASTM E 1444 using AC, HWDC & FWDC currents. MPT Equipment is suitable for testing mass production components with great accuracy and repeatability of test results and can produce more than 6000 Amps of current to inspect large components such as Hydraulic pistons, Shafts, and various machined components.

TuuvGlobe has Fluorescent and Non-fluorescent and or Dry, Wet type techniques that are available to suits every client requirement across multiple industries. Magnetic particle testing accessories, equipment, and reference blocks are perfectly calibrated according to the standard operating procedures as per international standards.


  • NABL ISO17025 is accredited to TuuvGlobe NDT labs for magnetic particle testing and other NDT tests in Hyderabad, India.
  • Tuuv services in Hyderabad, India, also include Portable magnetic particle inspection AC/DC yokes, prod type mobile equipment for onsite inspections.
  • MT service also include High intensity black light kits for fluorescent inspection and Equipment demagnetization.
  • Our professional engineers are Experienced In-house ASNT NDT Level III and experts in providing techniques for the establishment, NDT procedure preparation, consultancy services, and approval on MPI testing.
  • ASNT NDT Level III trainers include for conducting In-house or external Tuuv NDT Level 1, 2 training and certification courses on magnetic particle testing and other NDT inspection methods in Hyderabad, India. Read more about magnetic particle testing personnel certifications from TuuvGlobe.
  • TuuvGlobe team has MPT testing professionals qualified, experienced, and certified to Level I, II as per ASNT recommended practice SNT-TC-1A, ISO 9712 and IS:13805 by Indian society for Non-Destructive Testing (ISNT) and are thoroughly approved by leading third party inspection authorities.
  • We built a strong team of NDT Level II/III professionals to provide magnetic particle inspection services onsite across India according to the market standards.

TuuvGlobe NDT Investigators, Engineers, and Experts are qualified NDT Level I, II, as per the composed practice arranged by prescribed practice SNT-TC-1A and In-house ASNT NDT Level III’s for provided assessment and counseling administrations.