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Quality Management acts as a process of controlling, improving, and ensuring the quality of business, services and operations. The QA QC skills and knowledge enhance the opportunities of the quality management process and the impact on the respective organizations.

The QA QC electrical course is intended to cover all the comprehensive modules responsible for the basic electrical construction. The QA QC electrical certification accredited course helps to enhance the knowledge and skills of the quality management process.


The QA QC Electrical course focuses on the quality of the electrical system, quality system design, QA QC planning, electrical QC plan, electrical QC inspection and test plan, applicable codes and specifications, tool, equipment & calibration testing, procurement & expediting, electrical system technical specification, electrical construction management, inspection and testing procedure, electrical QA QC documents and records and many other modules.

At the end of the QA QC Electrical training, candidates can perform the inspection demonstration during electrical installation, modification and maintenance activities with the help of examples, drawings, inspection criteria, equipment’s and other procedures.


QA QC Electrical course follows international standards to deliver the course with the highly experienced faculty with on-field experience. Our trainers are well-versed with class room training methodology. The industry requirement of QA QC Electrical engineers is huge which will in return helps engineers to occupy as much vacancies as possible. We enhance multiple skills in the trained engineers with at least 2 specializations in their major subjects.


  • Job guarantees training with job assistance in the respective industries or sectors.
  • Increase in promotion opportunities in the existing jobs with the training by us.
  • Professional skills with practical knowledge on the respective courses for better job placement.
  • Professional QA/QC Certification


Aspiring technicians, quality inspector, engineers who are looking for a career in QA QC electrical field are welcome to attend the course. Attendees with technical or inspection background are more likely to gain more from this course. Candidates who are willing to perform electrical inspections during modifications, installations, or maintenance activities can take this course for further career improvement.


This QA QC Electrical course is developed to train candidates by following the Systematic Approach of Training (SAT) patterns along with various course categories. The training will help candidates to perform inspections, get promotions, chose a better job globally, and can mark themselves as a professional, experienced QA QC specialist.