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Rebar locator (cover meter) survey

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Rebar locators or cover meters are offered in a wide range of degree capabilities starting from basic cover meters which are used to locate and measure rebar depth to comprehensive rebar scanners with 2D and 3D maps of rebar present in the concrete. The main task of the rebar detector is to measure the concrete thickness depending on the rebar diameter with an accuracy of up to 170 mm.

Uses of Rebar Locator

Rebar locators are designed to locate or scan the rebar content in the concrete. This test is helpful for the concrete cover determination, measures the rebar size, identifies the depth; calculates the rebar diameter and corrosion the occurs in concrete before drilling and before the core test. This test also helps in finding the physical condition of various structures, buildings, highways, roads, and other concrete structures.

Few of the advanced Rebar locators have a special mode that helps users to scan the object for the detection of rebar presence, its measure, and locating its position. This also provides an audible signal for rebar presence and helps in eliminating the need for constant display monitoring of the device.

Rebar Locator Survey Testing Reasons

  • It tests quality control to ensure the rebar test correct location and covers the reinforcement bars after replacing the concrete.
  • It investigates the concrete floor for any damage or other records which needed to be checked
  • It locates the buried ferromagnetic objects other than reinforcement like manholes or water pipes.
  • It locates reinforcement bars prior to the installation of the wire guidance system and other requirements.

This test is used to determine the surface hardness measurement of the concrete regarding soundness and quality. The low measurement numbers give weak concrete surface details which might be affected by corrosion and the high rebound number proves the high concrete quality.

Objectives of Rebound Hammer Test

  • It determines the concrete strength by relating comprehensive strength and rebound index.
  • It checks the cement base quality according to the respective standard specifications.
  • It relates various concrete elements to examine the concrete quality.
  • It carries the repairs of the RCC structure for the concrete area.
  • It detects concrete uniformity.

Features of Rebar Locator

The Rebar locator instrument is based on the magnetic technique and it is calibrated for various purposes with different features in different models. Here are the few common features we find in various rebar locator models.

  • This instrument is the best rebar detector in the market with data presentation in the field.
  • It can access real-time data with long working hours capacity
  • This instrument provides comprehensively and accurately detects rebar
  • A signal strength bar for easier rebar detection is included on the display It contains a long-lasting built-in rechargeable battery
  • High internal memory for easy storage
  • Large display for easy access
  • The design of the instrument assembles with a shock resistance case which allows it to be used in extreme conditions.