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Shutdown and Turndown Services

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Shutdown and Turndown Services


TuuvGlobe helps our clients in reliability and safety of the products; equipment’s or plant assets with our world-class services in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), welding quality, and materials testing.

TuuvGlobe has a professional’s team who understand the procedures involved in the product life cycle. It includes design, manufacture and maintenance of the operations for the regular dependence along with rapid turnaround times.

Tuuv services always find a suitable solution to support the production procedures, quality control, and regulatory compliance along with the new building, pipelines, plant maintenance and schedule the inspection shutdown according to the requirement.

TuuvGlobe has a specific shutdown workforce who concentrate in the major areas of safety, cost and period which is considered as the most significant criteria for the success.

Each phase of the activity is protected and split into phases for the calculated results: The phases are as follows:

  • Strategy and Organize
  • Mobilization
  • Execution and Implementation
  • Startup and turnover
  • Demobilization

TuuvGlobe usually preserves with our excellence in restoring lifespan cycle of plant gear and ensure the clients with security and safety with efficient procedures between both planned and unplanned schedules of the shutdown process.

Each phase of the undertaking function is carefully studied by experienced professionals and constantly implemented to maintain service excellence through all our clients.